Can I cancel/reschedule a booked session?

You can cancel a session upto 60 minutes before the session start time. You can cancel your session in two ways - 

  1. Click on "Book a session", in the calendar view, the session you booked would be highlighted in green
  2. Click on the session and select options to cancel your booked session

You can also cancel sessions from your "Me" tab - 

  1. Click on "Me" tab
  2. Select your Cult Pack
  3. Scroll down to future session, click on the option button to cancel a session

You also have the option of cancelling a session from our website ( Please log into your account, click on your profile page and cancel the respective class from under "My Workouts".

I could not attend my session, can i take a replacement class

If you are unable to attend a session, please cancel the session from the "My Workouts" tab on your profile page at least 60 mins before the class start time. Failure to do so will result in a No-Show that attracts a penalty of 1 day reduction from your membership. 

For pay per class sessions, no refund will be processed if the session is not cancelled within 1 hour before the session start time.

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