Why Book sessions?

In order to attend a session at any of our centers, you will need to first book a slot for yourself since we have limited slots for each session. It is necessary for us to limit the number of slots in each sessions to ensure the effectiveness of each of our sessions. This also ensures that our trainers are able to focus more on each individual.

How many days in advance can I book a session?

You will be able to see the schedule of sessions 4 days in advance and you can have upto 4 classes pre-booked at any given time. 

Center timings

Generally our classes start from 6 am till 11 AM for the morning sessions. Evening sessions lasts from 5 pm till 9 pm. Some center may have additional slots avilable, please refer to the schedules of your preferred center for the same.

Session duration

Each session would be for 50 minutes which includes a warm up, the workout and a cool down.


Marking your attendance for each session that you book and attend is mandatory. Please ensure that you mark your attendance at the attendance tab present at the center. The option to mark your attendance will only available from 15 minutes prior to the sessions start time to 15 minutes after the session start time. For example -  For a session at 7 pm, the option to mark your attendance will be available from 6:45 pm onward till 7:15 pm. 

Please note that the option to mark your attendance will be available till 15 minutes post the sessions start time but joining a sessions will only be allowed upto 5 minutes from the session start time. The first 5 minutes would be the warm up and without the same, you would not be allowed to join the class. Also joining a session after 5 minutes would also interrupt an ongoing class and affect other members.

Penalty for not attending classes

We encourage all our customers to CANCEL class if they are unable to attend. This allows other users to book your slot. Classes can be cancelled TILL 60 mins in advance. In order to ensure efficient utilization of classes, not cancelling a session on time may lead to a penalty:

  • Penalty for missing/not cancelling a demo session: Reduction of 1 trial class. 
  • Penalty for missing/not cancelling a membership session: Each membership package has a pre-set number of no shows that you are allowed to have post which every no show would lead to a penalty. The number of no shows for each pack - 
  • 1 month pack- 4
  • 3 months pack - 6
  • 6 months pack - 12
  • 12 months pack - 24
  • Monthly subscription: 2/month
  • Penalties for each pack are as follows:

1 month pack- 1 day reduction from membership duration per extra no-show

3 months pack - 1 day reduction from membership duration per extra no-show

6 months pack - 1 day reduction from membership duration per extra  no-show

12 months pack - 1 day reduction from membership duration per extra no-show

Monthly subscription: Rs.100 per extra no-show

Further to the number of no shows, if you accidentally miss marking your attendance or cancelling a class, you can have the no show for the same reversed as an exception. Just log into the app and select the session you missed from the "Today" tab and click on report a problem. Please note, this exception will only be available twice during your tenure with us and will not refresh on a new pack purchase

Sessions always booked

We understand your disappointment at not being take your sessions. We recommend planning and booking your sessions in advance, as most of customers do, so that you can plan your day and get sessions at times convenient for you. Do reach out to our Support team if you are facing technical issues in booking your sessions.

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