What are the dates of the tournament?
Registrations for open trials open from 15th June at 6pm and close on 22nd June at 6pm.
Intra centre knock outs will happen on 30th June (Individuals selected will be notified about their team)
Finals will be on Sunday July 1st.

Where do I register?
Register on www.cure.fit/cult/events

How does the selection process work?
Our trainer would select members into teams based on their skills, stamina and team fitment through a series of drills and tests.

Do I need to complete a minimum number of football classes to qualify?

No, anyone with an active cult membership can register for free

I don't know how to play football can I still register?

You can come for the open trials. You never know if you are truly gifted in the beautiful game of football

Is this tournament there in Bangalore or NCR?
This edition is in Bangalore. We will soon announce a separate tournament for NCR. 

What is the qualification and selection process?
Our trainers will make you compete in a series of drills and tests and rate you. You will be notified if you make it into the next round and join a centre team.

What is the format of the tournament?
Individual trials-
Individual trials will decide the teams of each centre
Intracentre knockout-
A round robin + knockout matches will decide which team represents the centre.
6 teams representing 6 centres will play round robin + final to decide the Champions

I am not an active cult member can I participate?
Unfortunately, the tournament is open only for active cult members. Renew or buy a cult pack within registration deadline to participate!

What do i get if I win?
Finalists get customized bibs and certificates.
Champions additionally get a trophy, medals, cult pack extensions, cult goodies, exciting prizes and to top it all- glory!

What if my team member is absent during the intracentre knockout or finals?
Our trainers will also note the names of the next best players in the individual trials or the star players from other teams who did not qualify for the finals as a contingency.

Do I have to pay for this?
This tournament is completely Free of any charges and is open only to cult members with an ongoing active pack. 

I may not be available on individual trials/intracentre knock out/final day. Is there anything to be done?
Unfortunately dates are finalized and not flexible. The next person will be considered as your replacement should you qualify. You can always try next time!

My pack is expiring soon. Can I participate?
Members with packs valid till 5th July, 2018 and beyond can go ahead and register

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