1. Cult Cup of Glory is a competitive tournament however to be played in a fun spirit. Participants with aggressive conduct, malicious intentions will be banned immediately for the safety of other members
  2. Decisions of the trainers in the individual selections will be final. All efforts will be made to identify the best mix of skilled footballers in the give time span. 
  3. Decisions of the referees in games is final and cannot be contested
  4. Matches will have referees officiating with yellow and red cards at their disposal.
  5. Foul language/swearing at opponents will lead to immediate disciplinary action or expulsion
  6. Football is a contact sport and all care will be taken to make the matches injury free. However in the unfortunate event of an injury, participants should understand the risks and consequences and cult.fit entity is not responsible for its causation. We will ensure medical treatment and emergency transportation at match venues. 
  7. The tournament is open only to cult members holding an active cult pack with a validity of 5th July, 2018 or beyond.
  8. Team trophy will be displayed and stored at the respective centre.
  9. The management is free to change the terms and format of selections, the tournament formats according to any constraints that may arise from bad weather, availability of selected participants, availability of facilities etc. 
  10. Some classes will be cancelled and realigned to accommodate the tournament and its qualifiers.
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