What happens if my child gets injured?
Don’t worry, we have everything take care of! In case your child gets injured, our trainers will provide the necessary first aid. In case of a serious injury, your child will be rushed to the nearest hospital and you will be informed immediately.  

Do you provide transportation to/from home?
No, we do not provide any transportation to/from your home. Only parents or the assigned guardian (at the time of the registration)will be permitted to drop off/pick up your kid from our center. However, we will cross-check our records each day to ensure the safety of your child. 

Can I send someone to pick/drop off my child?
Yes, you can. As long as that person is declared as the guardian in the registration form. 

Will the program be too intense for my child?
The program will not be intense for your child. After consultation with sports scientists, we have designed a program that will be tailored to the age category. And don’t worry, our trainers have the experience of working with kids before, and will modify the exercises as per your kid’s requirements.

What proof as parent/guardian should I submit on day 1 of camp?
If you are a parent, you need to share a copy of your photo id proof on day 1 of camp. If kid is coming with guardian, the guardian has to come with their photo id proof, photo id proof of parent and letter from parent authorizing the guardian to drop/pick kids

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