I want to pause my subscription

You can pause your membership anytime. Please follow the steps given below -

  • Click on "Me" tab or the plan page, select My packs
  • Select your active cult membership
  • Click pause
  • Select the date till which you want to pause
  • Select the reason for pause and you are all set

Your membership would automatically resumes post the pause end date selected.

The number of pause days available would depend on the type of membership: 

3 months unlimited pack - 30 days

6 months unlimited pack - 60 days

10 months unlimited pack - 90 days

12 months unlimited pack - 90 days

If you would like to resume your membership before the date selected, just resume the pack. Your account would automatically be extended based on the number of days you had paused for. Please note, you would need to cancel any upcoming sessions to be able to pause your pack. If you have any classes booked in advance you would need to cancel those to be able to pause your membership

 Can I take sessions from a different center?

Travel on the cards and afraid you will not be able to get back to your center? No worries. Your subscription with Cult would entitle you to take sessions from any of our centers across Bangalore at your convenience. This may not be applicable for center launch offers.

While booking your sessions, just select the center and sessions of your choice. Please note that if you have booked a session at a different center, you would need to cancel that session and book a new one at the center of your choice to be able to attend the session.

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