Your Cult monthly subscription can be paused only twice in a period of 12 months (starting from your subscription start date). Total pause duration is 30 days. Rs.100 per pause day will be reduced from your upcoming monthly bill. 

For e.g: Your subscription starts on 1st October and renews on 30th October. You pause your pack from 15th October till 15th November then: 

  • On 30th October: Rs.100 x 15 days= Rs.1500 will be reduced from your bill and only the remaining amount will be charged
  • Adjustment for remaining 15 pause days in November will happen on 30th November’s bill amount 

If you cancel your subscription and buy a new subscription then the pause limits (2 pauses and 30 days) will be reset for next 12 months (start new subscription start date) 

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