I have been regularly doing Cult sessions for a while, how do I track my personal progress?

You can evaluate & measure your fitness progression by taking the Cult score session either in-center or through the DIY at Home videos. This session will help measure progress across stamina, strength, muscular endurance, balance and flexibility.

What is Cult Score?

Cult score is a unique and innovative way of measuring your fitness. It’s a score of your fitness derived from your individual scores on 5 parameters: stamina, strength, muscular endurance, balance and flexibility

You can either book a cult score session at any center or take the test at home via cure.fit app.

To get your score, you need to take the 30 min test, which includes 10 exercises. After each exercise you need to record your performance on the app. After all 10 workouts are done, you will get your score on a scale of 100 on the app. 

Does Cult score take into account one’s gender and age?

We don't factor in gender or body age. All the movements are functional and bodyweight, had it been weightlifting, we would have prescribed different weights for men and women. The idea of cult score is to test your strength, muscle endurance, stamina, flexibility and stability through functional movements and in future we will recommend classes to help improve individual parameters

How is Cult Score calculated?

Your Cult score is sum of individual scores on 5 fitness parameters: strength, stamina, balance, flexibility and endurance. Score for each parameter is measured by 2 movements. 

  • Strength: Push up , Hollow hold
  • Stamina: Jumping Jacks, Burpees
  • Flexibility: World’s greatest stretch, seated toe touch
  • Endurance: Air Squat, Plank 
  • Balance: Tree Pose, Warrior 3 Pose 

We define levels based on the values entered for each movement. Levels are defined as follows:

L1: 0-19

L2: 20-49

L3: 50-69

L4: 70-99

L5: 100

What does the cult score mean?

Your cult score defines your fitness levels. Based on the data from thousand of workouts that happen daily at Cult, we have defined the meaning of your score in the following way:

0-30: Beginner

31-50: Intermediate

51-70: Advanced

71-90: Athletic 

91-100: Highly Athletic 

How often should I measure my Cult Score?

If you are consistently engaged in physical activity for 30 days then your fitness levels can improve and you should see a change in your Cult score. We recommend that you test your score every 30 days. How about you set a goal for yourself and measure if you are on the right track?

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