1. Eat one hour before class: A light snack before the class is ideal for a good workout. It helps in preventing dizziness in your initial sessions. Have a banana/bowl of oats/few almonds or nuts an hour before the workout 
  2. Bring workout shoes: Shoes are important for a smooth workout. Improper footwear can cause common workout injuries. Also, we encourage carrying your shoes and putting them on at the center as it helps keep the floors tidy
  3. Arrive 10 minutes early: For your first CULT class we suggest you drop in 10 minutes early so that you can get a hang of things at the center. Meet the center manager and get to know about the class 
  4. Register for biometrics attendance: Marking attendance for each session is mandatory and biometrics gives you one touch access to CULT centers everywhere with no hassle of ID cards. Center manager will help you registering for biometrics and mark attendance for the class
  5. Keep your belongings in lockers: You can keep your belongings in the lockers provided. The center manager will give a tour of the center and help with the lockers
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