delivers fresh, tasty meals that are wholesome but most importantly super healthy. We are committed to make health easy and is just one of the ways to help you build healthy lifestyle habits.

Behind every healthy meal, there’s a healthy story! Here’s ours:

Balanced, Wholesome Meal

Every meal is balanced in terms of macro (carbs, proteins, fats...) and micro (vitamins, minerals...) nutrients.

Calorie-counted for Nutrition

Our nutritionists highlight the amount of quality proteins, good fats and high-fibre carbs on every pack.

Responsibly Sourced for Quality

We keep a multi-level check on our fresh vegetables, seasonal fruits, and lean, high-protein chicken breasts.

Fresh and Unprocessed for Health

We neither use pre-packed or preserved gravies, nor do we reuse our own. 

World-class Practices for Hygiene

Our chefs take hygiene as seriously as you do. Hair nets, face masks, gloves and hand sanitizers are part of our strictest protocols.

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