Can I cancel my meal for today?

You can always cancel your meal for the day. 

  1. Just go to "Today" tab 
  2. Select the meal of the day 
  3. Cancel the same by clicking on the settings button. 

Please note that a cancellation request has to be done 1 hour before the delivery slot selected.
For non subscription orders, a refund for the amount paid would be initiated.
The amount for the cancelled meal would be either adjusted in your auto renewal amount or would be refunded back to you automatically. The refund would be processed after 3 days of your subscription expiry date.

Can I choose a meal from a different pack for today?

We get it. To break the monotony, you have an option of switching your meal of the day. You can opt for any of the available meals for the day. This option would only be available if you have Paytm linked to your account.

If the item selected costs more than your meal of the day, you would need to make a payment for the remaining amount before the meal change can be confirmed. If the item costs lower, then the price difference would be credited to your Paytm account

Can I customize my meal?

We currently do not have this feature available. However, we are working hard on making this come to life. Appreciate your patience.

Can I modify one item in my cart?

You can modify the delivery time slot or cancel an order 1 hour before the order delivery slot. Modification is only allowed for all items in an order and not for individual items. You will not be able to modify a single item from your cart, you would need to cancel the entire order and place a new order.

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