How do I sign up for an subscription?

Smart move! You’re life is just about to get easier. From now on, we figure grocery, cooking & the menu for you. All you have to do is sit and enjoy your meal.

To subscribe to

  • Log into the app
  • Tap Shop
  • Tap
  • Go to the Subscribe tab
  • Pick between breakfast, lunch, snacks & dinner
  • Pick a subscription plan that best suits you
  • You can choose to not include weekends in your subscription by toggling the Weekends button to off
  • Tap the Subscribe button
  • Enter/change your delivery address - you can add a separate address for weekend and weekday delivery
  • Pick a Start date for your subscription
  • Pick a suitable delivery time slot
  • Make the payment, you can choose to opt for an auto-renewing subscription

Please ensure you have the latest version of the app.
Alternately, you can also subscribe from the website.

Would my meals from my existing subscription be delivered on weekends?

While purchasing a subscription, you have an option to opt in/out for deliveries on weekend. Meals delivery on weekends would depend on whether you have opted in/out of weekend deliveries at the time of placing your order.

If you have placed an order to be delivered to your office and would not be available on the weekend at the same address, you just need to change the delivery address for your meals on weekends. You can change the delivery address to any alternate locations. This would need to be done individually for each day that you want your order delivered to a different location.

Can I select the days on which I want my subscription meals? We do not have an option to select the days on which you want your meal delivered. However, if you do not want your meal on any given day, you can cancel the meal for that day by following these steps: 

1.Go to the "Today" tab and select your meal for the day

2.Click on the options tab and cancel the meal

You can also alternatively click on your active packs and view the meals that you are scheduled to get. You can cancel or change a meal based on your preference.

The amount for the cancelled meal would be either adjusted in your auto renewal amount or would be refunded back to you automatically. The refund would be processed after 3 days of your subscription expiry date.

Please note that you will need to cancel the meal atleast one hour before the delivery slot on the day of delivery.  

How does the auto renewal process work?

Do not want the hassle of paying for your packs every week/month? Opt for the hassle free process of auto renewing your orders. 

If auto renewal is turned on, you would be automatically charged for the same pack on the last day of your subscription. Please note that all options selected in the previous subscription will be carried forward, including the address selected, time slot and weekend deliveries. Changes to slot timings can be done even after auto renewal. If you would like to make some other changes, we recommend that you turn off auto renewal and manually renew your subscription with the changes. 

Auto renewal is currently only available on payments made via PayTm and credit cards. If you have selected auto renewal and you have made a payment with a different source, you would need to manually renew your subscription.

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