Will not be available to accept your meals for a few days?

Worried about missing your meals? You can always meals in advance. Just follow these steps:  

  1. Go to the "Plan” tab
  2. Select "Cancel Meals" or select your pack and then click on "Cancel upcoming meals"
  3. Select from when till when you wont be available
  4. Click "Cancel meals"

Please note, you would need to do so 1 hour before the delivery time slot selected on the day from which you want to cancel.

The amount for the cancelled meal would be either adjusted in your auto renewal amount or would be refunded back to you automatically. The refund would be processed after 3 days of your subscription expiry date.

How do I cancel my subscription?

We are sorry to hear that you want to cancel your pack. To request for a cancellation -

  1. Click on "My packs" on the "Plan" screen. 
  2. Select your active eat.fit subscription
  3. Click on the three dots next to the subscription name
  4. Select "Cancel Subscription" 
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