What does a Therapy pack offer?
A Therapy pack helps with continuity of journey, without having to bother about booking sessions one at a time. Your Therapist will recommend the number of sessions that you might need to take care of your problems. We recommend you buy a pack accordingly. 

Can I cancel/get refund for a 1 on 1 Therapy pack?
A pack once purchased cannot be cancelled/refunded. We recommend you buy a pack only once recommended by your Therapist/Psychiatrist, who will judge your condition, and recommend the pack that suits your need. Please write to us at hello@curefit.com for more details on cancellation.

I have bought a pack. I am satisfied with the results but still have sessions left.
Therapy generally takes time to show results. Even if you are happy with the results, we suggest you continue with the sessions at a frequency as recommended by your Therapist/Psychiatrst. Also, please do buy packs only once your Therapist has recommended one to you after judging your condition and severity of issues.

I have finished 6 sessions - i am not satisfied with the result
We are sorry to know that you are not happy with the results. At mind.fit, we want to ensure we have met the expectations of every single user, and would love to discuss how we can help you with your problems. Please write to us at hello@curefit.com and we will help you with the next steps.

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