Yes you can cancel a booking but the booking can not be cancelled in the last 60 mins of the class start time and will lead to a penalty:

Penalty for missing/not cancelling a demo session: Not cancelling a trial class on time or not showing up will result in reduction of 1 trial class. 

Penalty for missing/not cancelling a membership session: Each membership package has a pre-set number of no shows that you are allowed to have post which every no show would lead to a reduction of one day each from your membership. The number of no shows for each pack - 

3 Month unlimited - 6

6 Months unlimited - 12

Further to the number of no shows, if you accidentally miss marking your attendance or cancelling a class, you can have the no show for the same reversed as an exception. Just log into the app and select the session you missed from the ‘Plan’ tab and click on report a problem. Please note, this exception will only be available twice during your tenure with us and will not refresh with membership renewal.

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