All packs can be paused EXCEPT monthly subscriptions.
If your pack is not on monthly auto-renewal, you can pause your membership anytime and as many times as you'd like until you use up all pause days for your membership. To pause your membership

  • Click on "Me" tab or the plan page, select My packs
  • Select your active membership
  • Click pause
  • Select the date till which you want to pause your membership
  • Select the reason for pause and you're all set

Please note, you will need to cancel any upcoming booked sessions to be able to pause your membership.

Your membership will automatically resume after the pause end date you had selected.

The number of pause days available  for your membership depends on the type of membership: 

3 months unlimited pack - 30 days

6 months unlimited pack - 60 days

10 months unlimited pack - 90 days

12 months unlimited pack - 90 days

Monthly subscription can be paused only twice in a period of 12 months (starting from your subscription start date). Total pause duration is 30 days. Rs.50 for Mind subscription will be reduced from your upcoming monthly bill. 

For e.g: Your subscription starts on 1st October and renews on 30th October. You pause your pack on 15th October till 15th November then: 

  • On 30th October: Rs.500 x 15 days= Rs.750 will be reduced from your bill and only the remaining amount will be charged
  • Adjustment for remaining 15 pause days in November will happen on 30th November’s bill amount 

If you cancel your subscription and buy a new subscription then the pause limits (2 pauses and 30 days) will be reset for next 12 months (start new subscription start date) 

If you would like to resume your membership before the date selected, just resume the membership. Your membership end date will automatically be extended by the number of pause days.

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