We have various packs to cater to your fitness needs. Not sure if you can commit to a pack or would you like to try a sessions? You also have an option to book an individual session starting at Rs.350/-

For further information

  • Click on the ‘Home’ on web/’Shop’ on app tab 
  • Select Mind.Fit to start your journey towards a healthy mind

Unlimited packs - Book Unlimited sessions at your preferred center starting from 6 am till 9 PM. Please note that at any given time, you can have 4 sessions booked in advance. The moment you finish one you get the option to book another session. For center launch specific offers, you would not be able to book sessions at all of our centers and would be restricted to a particular center. 

Buddy packs - Need someone to tag along for workouts? You can now get a buddy to sign up along with you. While you and your buddy can book sessions together, each of the memberships will be unique. You can book sessions separately, pause the accounts differently etc. Each membership will be an individual account.

Monthly subscription- Monthly membership gives you unlimited classes anytime at any Mind.fit center with the added benefit of paying monthly for your membership. 

Please note that all our packs are city specific. For regular unlimited packs, you would only have the option to book 5 free sessions in a month in a different city. If you would like attend a few more sessions while you are out of your registered city, we recommend booking pay per class sessions.

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