• Let the trainer know you are new: The trainer will guide you in picking the right spot in the class, and ensure to help you with workouts all through the session
  • Inform about injuries: Let the trainer know about any injuries you may have
  • Wear comfortable clothes: Since our sessions include some physical exercises around Yoga, Asanas and Pranayams, we recommend you wear clothes you are comfortable in.¬†
  • No need to carry any equipment/Yoga mats: Our centres are well equipped to cater to all equipment needs. Clean Yoga mats, Meditation chairs will be provided as and when needed. You will not require shows/footwear during the sessions, and must keep them in the shoe racks outside the studio¬†
  • Define your own pace: All our workouts are designed in such a way that they can be scaled down for beginners and scaled up for advanced athletes. Complete the workouts at your own pace and whenever you feel uncomfortable, stop and let the trainer know
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